Preliminary Agenda

Changes and updates still to come

Monday, February 13, 2023

2:00 PM
- 6:00 PM

Early Registration will be available from 2-6 on Monday, February 13th. All attendees should check in and get their Summit badge during that time, if possible.

Location: Event Foyer on the 3rd Floor

4:00 PM
- 6:00 PM

The DCN Board of Directors meeting is invitation-only and attended by the Board and Affiliate primary contact from each publisher member. One representative per company is invited to attend.

For any questions about the Board Meeting please contact [email protected].

7:00 PM
- 9:00 PM

Dinner and Drinks will begin at 7pm. If you have not picked up your Summit Badge please do so before entering Takato. DCN Staff will be available to give out badges.

Location: Takato Restaurant at the Conrad Hotel

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

7:30 AM

8:00 AM

For anyone that did not get their Summit Badge, registration will open.

10:30 AM

12:00 PM

Grab lunch and choose which breakout session you would like to attend! Sessions will last 45 minutes, giving attendees time to network and share insights both before and after.

Breakout: Bridging the Divide Between Advertisers and Publishers.  Hosted by 
Digital advertising has been defined by the imbalances and friction between brands and publishers. While these divides may always exist, new revenue opportunities are always coming into focus for intrepid publishers that can speak to their content’s value in terms of what buyers are looking for. We’ll discuss what that looks like in practice, and how organizations can use data-driven narratives to better position themselves in the marketplace.

Breakout: Accelerate revenue growth with data: A Dotdash Meredith case study.  Hosted by

Breakout: The future state of ad monetization: Why process automation is necessity for boosting revenues and increasing productivity Hosted by 

Ad monetization is becoming increasingly prevalent, but many elements of the modern ad revenue model are based upon highly manual processes and workflows that hinder productivity, increase probability for errors, slow order cycles and impede on revenue growth.  Publishers and brands leveraging ad monetization strategies are looking for ways to efficiently optimize their processes to boost revenue growth.  
In this session, Jay Kulkarni, CEO of Theorem and panel will discuss the current state of ad monetization in the industry and the path leaders must take to ensure future success, base on Theorem’s soon to be released research report.  Topics will include:

  • Pain points leaders are looking to overcome 
  • Optimization opportunities within workflows and process
  • How to speed up order cycles and grow revenue faster with automation implementation

Breakout: From Research to Revenue with Condé Nast: How focusing on attention can redefine the value of quality content and drive better business outcomes for publishers.  Hosted by 

3:30 PM

4:30 PM

7:00 PM
- 9:00 PM

Dinner and Drinks overlooking the beach will begin at 7pm. It will be a great evening of networking, drinks and dinner and music with the beach as a backdrop!

Location: Ocean Front Terrace overlooking the beach at the Conrad Hotel