Why Attend?

Throughout its 20-year history the DCN Next: Summit has received consistently high ratings from attendees (see below for their feedback). 

The networking is unparalleled. The networking opportunities are woven into the fabric of the event so you’ll have plenty of time with your colleagues and peers – all senior executives – at a unique, private, invitation-only event.


"The ability to hear from other leaders dealing with systemic change is always relevant, not just to hear how they solved their issues, but also to reflect on the difficulty of navigating these waters."

- 2022 (Virtual) Summit Attendee

"Outstanding transition from the live format to virtual - just loads and loads of really premium speakers - congratulations."

- 2021 (Virtual) Summit Attendee

"This conference has become a must-attend for me. There is no other gathering of publishing executives where the conversation is as frank nor the takeaways as actionable. The quality of attendees is exceptional, and the panelists/speakers truly have something to say. This is the one conference that I never miss."

- 2020 Miami Summit Attendee

"As more and more industry events and conferences become a combination of the same too surface level panels on the same topics with not enough publisher perspective, what this group and DCN does becomes even more critical."

- 2020 Miami Summit Attendee

"The DCN Summit is a truly worthwhile way to kick off a new year: with fresh ideas, valuable insights from industry peers, and the chance to connect with others who are facing the same challenges. It has quickly become a must-attend for our management team over the past few years."
- 2019 Orlando Summit Attendee

"Easily the most valuable event of the year."
- 2019 Orlando Summit Attendee

"Few conferences will place with you with as elite a group, in as intimate a setting, with truly enlightening content, as the DCN Next Summit." 
- 2019 Orlando Summit Attendee