Wednesday, October 11, 2023

12:00 PM
- 1:00 PM

1:10 PM
- 1:40 PM

Today’s audiences are consuming media across a variety of touch points – each of which offer media organizations vastly different audience and economic benefits. In this session, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development Rangan Anandan will discuss how the BBC leverages its unique connection with its audience to maximize engagement and drive revenue with consumers globally.

2:10 PM
- 2:30 PM

An open discussion and update about recent moves at the FCC and the potential impact for streaming companies. Join DCN's Senior Vice President, Legislative Affairs, Chris Pedigo, to learn about the FCC's look into whether the regulations for MVPDs should apply to streaming companies including whether streaming platforms might be required to negotiate in good faith with broadcast companies. Bring your questions! 

2:30 PM
- 3:00 PM

3:00 PM
- 3:30 PM

The Washington Post launched their FAST channel on Amazon TV in May. Learn how they've been testing and experimenting around three of their primary goals: Better exposure for video journalism, revenue and the opportunity to market to potential subscribers.

3:30 PM
- 4:00 PM

We will delve into the pivotal role of news content in the FAST landscape and explore how it will continue to shape the future. We'll shine a spotlight on BTV, sharing our journey towards building a dedicated and habit-forming audience, unveiling our promotional tactics, and highlighting our global footprint achieved through strategic partnerships within the FAST space.

4:00 PM
- 4:30 PM

Last year saw a shift in the SVOD industry from subscriber growth at all costs to improving profitability. Companies started to aggressively cut costs and restructure debt to improve their balance sheets. At BET+, we implemented a price differentiation strategy that included adding an ad-supported tier in June 2023, which improved our streaming economics while also driving subscriber growth.

4:30 PM
- 5:00 PM
  • How big is the market for news-based video?
  • Post-social marketing
  • Findability / UX for streaming services
  • AI's impact on streaming

5:00 PM

A networking happy hour with your peers.