Thursday, September 21, 2023

12:00 PM
- 12:45 PM

1:00 PM
- 1:30 PM

Jenna will dig into the dynamics of one of the three team pods that support the Bloomberg subscriptions business: Payment technology. During Jenna's 4+ years at Bloomberg this team has focused on building up the infrastructure around different payment methods, processing techniques, and their local/international offerings.

1:30 PM
- 2:00 PM

Nada leads brand and growth, partnerships, lead conversion and creative services. She's digging into the opportunities for growth in the U.S., and how to take their brand awareness from “healthy” to supercharged. As part of this, her team will lean into ways to attract more diverse audiences, getting even more scientific about our growth channels and diversifying their product portfolio. 

2:00 PM
- 2:30 PM

Since the relaunch in March, FP Insider has tripled monthly acquisitions and grew revenue by adding new features while reducing price. One of the key new features is an ad-free experience. How is FP measuring and understanding the relationship between ads and subscriptions? Find out in this session with Piano.

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2:30 PM
- 3:00 PM

3:00 PM
- 3:30 PM

Peggy and Michelle will talk about their strategy for regional growth within New England, delivering new products and services to readers and their philosophy of reader obsession.

3:30 PM
- 4:00 PM

FT Strategies, the consultancy from the Financial Times, works with organizations globally to build valuable relationships with their customers and grow their businesses. A key component of this is audience diversity (or reaching new audiences) and in this session, FT Strategies will share the methodologies and learnings from their work in this area, including how the Financial Times approaches this. 

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4:00 PM
- 4:30 PM

Nate and John will discuss how speaking to consumers through the lens of sports fandom can be an incredible way to drive users down the funnel and become digital subscribers to content organizations. The two will discuss how they’ve respectively used sports fandoms to help build large, top-of-funnel audiences and deepen engagement with those users, plus creative ways they’ve found to align individual team fans with relevant subscription opportunities within their networks.

4:30 PM

A networking happy hour with your peers.