Thank you to our 2018 DCN Next: Summit sponsors!
If you are a current DCN Supporter and would like to inquire about sponsoring the 2018 DCN Next: Summit, please contact Lisa Kerr, SVP, Market Development at [email protected].
Facebook Logo
At Facebook, we build tools that help people to connect with one another and tools that make sharing what they want to share — ideas, stories, and photos — much easier. By doing this, we are extending people’s capacity to build and maintain relationships.  For more information please visit www.facebook.com.
Fusion Media Group Logo

Fusion Media Group (FMG) is a media company that connects with the young, diverse audiences that are shaping our future. Through fearless journalism, provoking comedy, and high-impact storytelling we elevate the stories and issues our readers and viewers are passionate about.  For more information please visit http://thefmg.com/.

GeoEdge Logo
GeoEdge: Provider of ad security and verification solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. The company ensures high ad quality and verifies that sites and apps offer a clean, safe, and engaging user experience. GeoEdge guards against non-compliance, malware (malvertising), inappropriate content, data leakage, operational, and performance issues. GeoEdge helps publishers, ad platforms, exchanges, and networks to protect their ad inventory.  For more information please visit https://www.geoedge.com/.
IPONWEB is a world leader in delivering 1st-party media trading systems to publishers, advertisers, and innovative companies helping to power the digital advertising ecosystem. As a pioneer in programmatic, RTB, and machine learning, IPONWEB has spent the last 12 years engineering highly-customized, real-time trading platforms for more than 100 companies globally across all media channels, including digital, video, mobile, TV, and DOOH. IPONWEB’s suite of purpose-built tools enable publishers to take back control of their inventory and monetization strategies to achieve greater technology independence and extract maximum value for every impression they sell. IPONWEB is also proud to have been selected by DCN to provide the technology powering the TrustX advertising exchange. For more information please visit www.iponweb.com.
MediaRadar Logo
MediaRadar revolutionizes ad sales by enabling sales executives spend their time pitching and closing deals, instead of researching and preparing. MediaRadar helps sellers determine the best prospects to pursue, which offerings to pitch, and how to position themselves most effectively against their competitors. MediaRadar is built on the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of multimedia advertising information available.  For more information, please visit  www.mediaradar.com.
The Media Trust Logo
The Media Trust works with the world’s largest, most-heavily trafficked digital properties to provide real-time security, first-party data protection and privacy, performance management and quality assurance solutions that help protect, monetize and optimize the user experience across desktop, smartphone, tablet and gaming devices.  As the global leader in monitoring the online and mobile ecosystems, The Media Trust leverages a physical presence in 65 countries and 500 cities around the world to continuously scan websites, ad tags and mobile apps and alert on malware, site performance and data leakage issues affecting websites and visitors alike. More than 500 publishers, ad networks, exchanges, agencies and corporates—including 40 of comScore’s AdFocus Top 50 websites—rely on The Media Trust to protect their website, their employee internet use, their revenue and, most importantly, their brand.  For more information, please visit www.mediatrust.com.
Nativo Logo
Moat is a New York-based SaaS analytics company focused on building products for brand advertisers and premium publishers. Their offerings include Moat Analytics, an attention measurement platform that provides analytics and insights on ad campaigns for publishers and advertisers, and Moat Pro, an ad intelligence platform that allows markets to research trends in the online advertising industry. The company was founded by Jonah Goodhart, Noah Goodhart and Michael Walrath. The serial entrepreneurs had previously partnered together to launch Right Media, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2007.  For more information please visit www.moat.com.
Nativo Logo
The Nativo platform enables publishers to easily activate, deploy and manage native ad placements across their media properties. For marketers, the Nativo platform enables the distribution of branded content with scale, control, and relevancy. The placement is in the content well of each publisher site and marketer’s content is consumed on the site as an article- all perfectly matched to appear native on every site type and every device. The result is higher performance and deeper user engagement with advertising that’s less intrusive. For more information, please visit www.nativo.com.
Outbrain Logo
Outbrain is the world’s largest discovery platform, bringing personalized, relevant online, mobile and video content to audiences while helping publishers understand their audiences through data. Outbrain serves over 190 billion personalized content recommendations every month and reaches over 561 million unique visitors from across the globe.  For more information please visit https://www.outbrain.com/.
Piano Logo
Piano: The business platform for digital media. Our mission is to help media companies build great brands, dedicated audiences, and sustainable revenues. Piano is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS company headquartered in New York City. We provide enterprise software to the world’s leading media companies, including GateHouse, Grupo Abril, NBC, the Economist, Condé Nast, Hearst, and Gannett. Our software enables these companies to create customized digital experiences for users, restrict and sell access to content online, and analyze user behavior in order to maximize revenue.  For more information please visit http://piano.io/.
Taboola Logo
Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform, serving 360B recommendations to over 1B unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites, including NBC, USA Today, The Weather Channel, Tribune and Fox Sports.  For more information please visit www.taboola.com.