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The Next: Conversation - Digging into Audio

Zoom Virtual Event

Thursday, May 5, 2022
12-12:45 ET

This Next: Conversation event is designed to dig deeply into a few tactical areas important for developing or driving your audio efforts. DCN member executive speakers function as guides for the discussion, bringing their expertise and insights to share with the DCN member community in attendance.

Case Study: NPR's 10-city short audio podcast program

In this wide-ranging discussion, Neal Carruth, NPR's Senior Director, On-Demand News Programming will talk about the strengths and challenges of short form audio, audience engagement and retention, analytics, and monetization. 

Neal Carruth Headshot

Neal Carruth leads NPR's news podcasting strategy, which includes news podcasts like Up First, Short Wave and Pop Culture Happy Hour, and seasonal programs like Embedded, Invisibilia and Rough Translation. In this role, he helps nurture programming innovation as well as the development of new content, in pursuit of new audiences for public radio. Carruth also strengthens connections between NPR's podcast portfolio, NPR's newsroom and NPR Member stations through unique collaborations like Consider This, the first localized news podcast in existence.

Carruth was previously the Supervising Senior Editor of NPR's Business Desk. He led NPR's coverage of global business and economics, including reports on such topics as fiscal and monetary policy, technology, the workplace and consumer behavior. Before running business coverage, Carruth was the Supervising Editor of NPR's Election Unit, leading the network's coverage of the 2012 elections. For 4 years, Carruth served as the Supervising Senior Producer of NPR's All Things Considered, where he managed daily production of the flagship afternoon newsmagazine.

Carruth oversaw the launch of the podcast No Compromise, which received NPR's first Pulitzer Prize in 2021. For his business journalism, Carruth is a recipient of a 2017 Peabody Award and a 2016 Gerald Loeb Award.

This is a free event for DCN members.  The unique, members-only attendee list allows for open conversation, information sharing and networking .