Katrina Barlow

Katrina Barlow Headshot
Sr. Director of Partnerships and Chorus
Vox Media
Katrina Barlow is the Senior Director of Partnerships and the Chorus business at Vox Media, the leading modern media company. As a leader of the platform partnerships team, Barlow manages all distribution and programming opportunities for the company and its seven editorial networks: SB Nation, The Verge, Vox, Polygon, Eater, Recode, and Curbed. Additionally, Barlow leads the Chorus SaaS business, Vox Media’s proprietary publishing, audience, and revenue-driving platform.
Barlow previously worked at Apple News and, before that, The Seattle Times, where she contributed to two Pulitzer Prize-winning projects. She graduated from Whitman College, and received her MBA from Yale School of Management. She lives in New York City.

Zach Block

Zach Block Headshot
VP, Business Development
Condé Nast
Zach Block is Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at Condé Nast, where he oversees non-standard monetization, syndication and platform relationships with the company’s largest partners, and helps drive the company’s innovation efforts across emerging content formats. Zach also manages Condé Nast's commerce business, which has shown exponential growth over the last two years and represents a key pillar of Condé Nast’s revenue diversification strategy. Zach has also led the company’s efforts to scale its audio business, including the team responsible for Glamour's Broken Harts series, Condé Nast’s first podcast to reach number one on Apple's podcast charts.
Zach joined Condé Nast from Outbrain, a content discovery platform, where he oversaw the company’s biggest relationships and worked to launch new product lines. Prior to Outbrain, Zach ran digital business development at ESPN, and helped develop alternative revenue streams and business lines for ESPN's X Games business. Zach previously worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and as a reporter at The Providence Journal. Zach received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Literature and Culture from Brown University. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their two sons.

Jesseanne Collins

Jesseanne Collins Headshot
Quartz Obsession
Jessanne Collins is editor of the Quartz Obsession, a daily newsletter for curious minds. She joined Quartz in 2017 to develop and launch the Obsession after a decade in the magazine industry. Previously she served as editor in chief and director of multimedia at Mental Floss and managing editor at Out.

Caitlin Frazier

Caitlin Frazier Headshot
Sr. Editor
The Atlantic
Caitlin Frazier is a senior editor at The Atlantic where she manages the Audience and Engagement team. Her team oversees the homepage, a/b testing, the archives, social media, and engagement projects. Prior to joining The Atlantic, Caitlin worked at ThinkProgress, on Capitol Hill, and on political campaigns. She graduated from The University of Oklahoma.

Walter Frick

Walter Frick Headshot
Deputy Editor, HBR.org
Harvard Business Review
Walter Frick is Deputy Editor, HBR.org, at Harvard Business Review. His writing on business, economics, and technology has also been published by The Atlantic, MIT Technology Review, the BBC, and The Boston Globe, among other publications. He was a 2016 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, and he is a member of the 2019 cohort of Assembly, a program on AI ethics and policy co-run by Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center and MIT Media Lab.

Chris Grant

Chris Grant Headshot
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Chris Grant is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Polygon, the Vox Media network dedicated to games, entertainment, and culture. For nearly eight years, Grant has overseen a growing team of journalists and creators who cover all facets of those industries with features, guides, podcasts, video series, and more. Previously, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Joystiq and a Programming Director at AOL.
Throughout his career, Chris has spoken about the impact of games, entertainment, and the communities around them at venues including MIT, Stanford, and the Smithsonian, and has appeared on CNN, BBC, NPR, and Bloomberg.

Ho-Hoa Hamano

Ha-Hoa Hammano Headshot
Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Platforms
Ha-Hoa Hamano is the Senior Product Manager of Emerging Platforms at NPR. In her role, Ha-Hoa evaluates new business opportunities for delivering NPR content on digital experiences via large screens, wearables, connected cars, voice assistants, and other emerging devices. She leads a cross-functional team to support a ubiquitous, personalized listening experience to meet NPR listeners wherever they are.

Jill Nicholson

Cindy Vanegas-Gesuale Headshot
St. Director, Customer Education
Jill Nicholson is the Senior Director of Customer Education at Chartbeat where he trains journalists around the world on turning metrics into action. In her four years at Chartbeat, Jill has supplemented her previous experiences as an editor at a local news outlet with best practices learned from the diverse organizations that Chartbeat serves.

Cindy Vanegas-Gesuale

Cindy Vanegas-Gesuale Headshot
Head of Programming
Buzzfeed News
Cindy Vanegas-Gesuale is the Head of Programming at BuzzFeed News. She's overseen the launch of AM to DM and Hella Opinions on Twitter, Follow This on Netflix, and Profile and Outside Your Bubble on Facebook Watch.  She started her career in news production at CNN where she assisted in the development of CNN Heroes and was an integral part of the teams that launched Fox Business Network, HuffPost Live and the We The Voters film series. On her spare time she watches Murder, She Wrote and chases her toddler around.

Michael Liss

Michael Liss Headshot
VP, Product
The New York Post
As VP, Product of the New York Post, Michael plays a leading role in all digital product initiatives for New York Post, Page Six and Decider, always trying to balance the most engaging user experiences with editorial and business goals. At the Post, he's helped launch new brands; led the creation of new and redesigned websites; built (and rebuilt) different generations of multiple apps; greatly expanded the email newsletter program; and more. Michael's media experience spans 25 years, starting with internships at CNN and NPR through years in book publishing, Web 1.0, entertainment journalism, film festival organization and digital marketing.

Nick Sallon

Nick Sallon Headshot
Head of US News Partnerships
Nick currently leads US News Partnerships for Twitter. He joined Twitter in 2015 as Periscope’s content strategy lead and quickly expanded his remit to lead Twitter’s live news business where he focused on improving digital video strategy and revenue opportunities for news organizations and expanding existing partnerships with a range of news publishers to launch live programing including Bloomberg’s TicToc and Buzzfeed News’ AM2DM. Prior to Twitter, Nick ran Content acquisition and Business Development at Aereo.