Deep Dive: Generative AI

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Dan Check Headshot

Dan Check

Thursday, February 1     11:00 - 11:45 AM EDT

LLMs: Unlocking your archives

Looking for a place to start with Large Language Models (LLMs) that doesn’t feel like a gimmick? Making new products out of your unruly archives is a great way to understand the potential of this new technology. Dan Check, Slate's CEO, will walk you through how Slate is making its archives more accessible by leveraging LLMs for summarization, bringing structure to unstructured content, and responding to user input. There will also be some discussion of issues that publishers must be sensitive to, both in development and deployment. Participants will leave with a basic toolset they can apply to their own data.

Dan Check is chief executive officer of Slate. He previously served as director of technology. Before joining Slate, he managed the data warehouse at Catalist, a political data vendor. He is a graduate of Pomona College and currently lives in Washington.

Traci Mabrey Headshot

Traci Mabrey
General Manager

Tuesday, February 27     11:00 - 11:45 AM EDT

Safeguarding journalistic content in the age of Gen AI

The proliferation of gen AI marks the biggest shift in technology for news publishing since the dawn of the internet. AI expert Traci Mabrey will discuss the opportunities and challenges for media organizations in this new era of AI and how publishers can safeguard their content from misuse. As an arbiter for publishers globally via Factiva (a business intelligence platform owned by Dow Jones), Traci has a unique perspective into the use of journalistic content in AI systems and the steps that news organizations can take to protect their hard-earned intellectual property.

Traci Mabrey is general manager of Factiva, a business intelligence platform owned by Dow Jones. She has commercial oversight for the Factiva portfolio and since joining Dow Jones has led the strategic reimagination of the Factiva experience for the next generation of decision makers. She is also tasked with infusing AI into the entire Dow Jones portfolio, starting with financial products. Traci has deep expertise in financial services technology and wealth management.

Previously, she was the head of wealth solutions, global technology and operations for Broadridge Financial Solutions, where she governed a suite of top-tier wealth management and market data solutions. As a recognized thought leader and content contributor, Traci is a frequent speaker at industry events and an author of several articles and white papers. She lives in New York and is active in professional women’s organizations, as well as nonprofits committed to financial coaching and skill-building for the next generation.

Maureen Hoch Headshot

Maureen Hoch
VP, Digital Content
Harvard Business Publishing

Wednesday, April 3   11:00 - 11:45 AM EDT

Creating content guidelines for generative AI

In this session Maureen Hoch (VP, Digital Content - Harvard Business Publishing) will discuss how to create dynamic content guidelines on emerging technology like GenAI; how HBR is developing an AI assistant; and trends, use cases, and her thoughts on potential future disruption, including around search.

Maureen leads Harvard Business Review’s award-winning digital newsroom as well as editorial innovation projects across the company, including those involving AI. Among her previous roles, Maureen was the Managing Editor for Digital News at the PBS NewsHour and the Global Web Editor at the World Bank.