Wednesday, October 12, 2022

12:00 PM
- 12:45 PM

1:00 PM
- 1:30 PM

This session will kick off with a review of DCN's latest research report on Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST.) We'll then explore its rapid growth and who the key players are.

1:30 PM
- 2:00 PM

What if you could create high-quality video content from anywhere with an internet connection? How about bringing experts and even advertisers into your story from remote locations with the click of a button? Learn how you can elevate, scale and monetize your digital storytelling to drive more engagement and revenue.

2:00 PM
- 2:30 PM

In this session, we will explore the lessons from the early days of this rapidly evolving space including how the major platforms evaluate content opportunities and measure success.

2:30 PM
- 3:15 PM

3:15 PM
- 3:45 PM

What are the issues and roadblocks related to accurately measuring this emerging and evolving media space? Panelists will discuss the strategies for moving forward and predict timing for reliable third-party metrics.

3:45 PM
- 4:15 PM

A dive into FOX's audience strategy highlighting the importance of 1P data.

4:15 PM
- 4:45 PM

Local brands and news operations have been early adopters and innovators in the FAST space. What can we learn from these pioneers? How are local brands leading the way for personalization in the FAST space?

4:45 PM

A networking happy hour with your peers.

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