DCN Member Briefing:
Symitri Overview

Join us for an exclusive overview for DCN member executives on the launch of Symitri and update on TRUSTX.

Thurs, June 13
2-2:45pm ET
Virtual Event

This is a free event for DCN members.

David Kohl, CEO of TRUSTX and Symitri, will share an overview of the new solution and the special member benefits for DCN members who participate in TRUSTX and opt into working with Symitri. There will be ample opportunity for Q&A.

Symitri is a new privacy-enhancing technology company that evolved from the DCN-owned cooperative private marketplace, TRUSTX. Like TRUSTX, Symitri was created to meet a critical need of premium publishers—the ability to offer addressable advertising—which is increasingly threatened by consumer expectations, privacy regulations and emerging restrictions on third-party digital IDs (cookies, MAIDs, etc.). Our members asked TRUSTX to find a way to balance audience accessibility with data protection. Symitri achieves this goal. Join us to learn more.

Symitri logo

Symitri is the world’s first integrated privacy firewall and real-time data cleanroom for the open web. Designed to balance the economic viability of open-web programmatic advertising with the growing global demand for consumer privacy, Symitri is a seamless EZ-button for buyer-defined deterministic campaign targeting, measurement and attribution, without exposing any personal data – pseudonymous or otherwise – in the bidstream. Discover more at Symitri.com, or follow Symitri on LinkedIn.